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"What Kind of WOMAN Would Receive the Care of a Stephen Minister?"

  • A woman like Sarah...who faced a major change in life at an advanced age and needed someone to listen to both her joy and apprehension.
  • A woman like Hagar...who was abandoned along with her child and needed someone to offer her hope and reminder her of God's presence.
  • A woman like Hannah...who struggled with her inability to bear a child and needed someone with whom to share her sadness and pain.
  • A woman like Naomi...who had lost her loved ones and needed someone to hear her sorrow and pain.
  • A woman like Esther...who was faced with a major decision and needed someone who could listen to her concerns and offer encouragement.
  • A woman like Martha...who was burdened by the demands of daily life and needed someone to help her regain sight of what was most important.
  • A woman like Mary Magdalene...who received realing from her inner turmoil and needed someone to walk with her as she built a new life.

"What Kind of MAN Would Receive the Care of a Stephen Minister?"

  • A man like Adam...who was cut off from all that gave meaning to life and needed someone to remind him of God's promise.
  • A man like Noah...who witnessed the destruction of everything around him and needed someone to wait with him for a new day.
  • A man like Abraham...who had to leave everything he knew and loved behind him and needed someone to journey with him to a new life.
  • A man like Moses...who faced great opposition and needed a companion to support him and speak on his behalf.
  • A man like David...who grieved the death of a wayward child and needed a shepherd's care.
  • A man like Peter...who found himself in over his head and needed the strong hand of a faithful friend.
  • A man like Paul...who knew the unending distress of a thorn in the flesh and needed someone to rejoice when he rejoiced and to weep when he wept.
  • A man like JESUS...who knew the intense disappointment, sorrow, grief, rejection, and loneliness and needed an angel of God to minister to him.